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Pinpoint 8 Desktop Weather 2.0

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The WVLT Volunteer TV online station provides interactive weather maps, regional radar weather information, State Radar, and an 8 Day Weather Forecast as well as State Satellite weather information, covering the communities of Tennessee and the wider region. This important coverage enables WVLT-TV to provide up to the minute severe weather alerts about tornados, hurricanes, flood, and other types of severe weather in the region. Middle Tennessee was badly hit in the Spring of 1998, when over 20 super cells were identified on radar and 10 confirmed tornados hit the area - the most dangerous of which was a rare F5 Category that hit Lawrence County. Events such as these have prompted investigations into finding faster methods of early warning systems to warn people and WVLT-TV has made available, free of charge, the Pinpoint 8 Desktop Weather 2.0 program that you can download, which will provide you with an up to date weather warning system right on your desktop computer or Laptop, This program's tiny little interface sits in your taskbar displaying your temperature until you extend it and it will notify you of any breaking news on WVLT-TV and provide you with County Specific Weather conditions and warnings. If a severe weather alert is issued, Pinpoint 8 will emit a sound first to catch your attention and then proceed to display a text crawl across your computer, of the weather information alert you need to know, just like a television newsreel text crawl.

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